Buy the sand.

Buy sand quarry in Brovary, Kiev ...

Delivery of sand quarry dump trucks 25 - 30 tons.

The minimum order is 25-30 tons.

Buy sand quarry you can always with us, in advance ordering the right mass of sand for you.

We provide sand with dump trucks from 25-30 tons, directly to you on a site or a summer residence, call us right now. 0967261265

Why do you need sand?
The answers can be a lot: maybe someone to create a children's sandbox, and maybe for global construction areas. Sand is an important part in any construction.

At us you will find any sand to order: river sand, ravine and many other building materials.

Our company "Fortress" delivers any kind of sand that is available to order, the minimum order of 10 tons.

Call and order the sand now! 096 726 12 65

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