Buy Soil.

Buy a primer for podsypku in Kiev and the suburbs.

Buy a primer on the podsypku you can always with us and our company Fortress will always be happy to help you in the delivery of soil on podsypku to align your site, roads or backfill pits.

The minimum order is 25-30 tons.

Delivery of soil on the backfilling is carried out by available dump trucks 25 - 30 tons. We have a flexible pricing policy. We work for you and only for you.
Primer for pouring or (podsypka) is intended for the arrangement of roads: leveling and falling asleep roads, pits and areas of your site.

Soil on the podsypku can be loam, sandy loam or just clay.

Podsypka or primer on podsypku not suitable for the enrichment of the soil for the cultivation of different crop plants or directly say for the garden. For the garden there are other types of soil: fertile soil - chernozem.

Grunt on the padding already from its name draws the answer that it is necessary to make such a primer in construction, where it is poured, covered, compacted, leveled pits, roads, and land areas.

If you need a primer for pouring, just call us and order how much, where and what kind of soil you bring and our company will happily carry out the duties assigned to it.

Call and order the primer on the backfill right now! 0967261265

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